About Us

We are farmers of Crocus Sativus, known by all as "Saffron". Our small company was born as a hobby, almost twenty years ago and, over time, has evolved and expanded, thanks to the commitment and dedication lavished in learning traditional cultivation techniques directly at the source, or in the places where the Saffron culture was born.

Today the production of this spice is based on the cultivation of about 150,000 flower bulbs and as many present in the nursery, a field used for the maturation of the bulbs up to the size suitable for producing flowers. To give more nourishment to our crop, a year before planting in a new field, the only contribution by us in the whole cycle takes place: the fertilization of the soil with manure.
During the cultivation period no treatment with pesticides or chemicals is performed, to maintain its authenticity and integrity, from our field to your table.
All the processes, from the harvest to the withering, that is the extraction of the stigmas of the flower, are carried out manually: to obtain a kilogram of dried spice it takes more than 150,000 flowers and well more than a thousand working hours to complete this delicate and particular process.
The flowers, rigorously picked in the early hours of the morning and worked during the day, in order to maintain as much fragrance and intrinsic properties as possible, must be processed and the stigmas dried in the shortest time possible.
Commitment, passion and dedication are the ingredients that are never lacking in our work. We started like this and every day we continue to give ourselves and all our energies to carry on our dream, our company. Driven by the desire to make known our hard, but fulfilling, work and the enthusiasm that accompanies us in the development, our fields, sites in the Oltrepò Pavese, are always open to those who, guided by curiosity and interest in our product, would like to visit them.
Saffron, with its numerous beneficial properties, is the basic ingredient of honey, biscuits, liqueur and syrup... all foods of our production, the result of a mix of secular recipes and modern processing.
This is the only way we can guarantee our consumers traditional, natural, tasty and wellbeing products.