Pure Saffron in Stigmas 0,30 gr

Before being a sought-after ingredient in cooking, the spice, originally from the Eastern Mediterranean, was used as a curative. Consulting classical books of medicine, dating back to the Middle Ages, it is deduced how it was used against liver and stomach disorders, with the faculty to clean the two organs as it is considered tonic and digestive. It was recommended for women with pain and menstrual irregularities.

Perhaps not everyone knows of its antidepressant and anti-stress properties, thanks to its molecules, safranal and crocin, which are also able to monitor blood pressure and the level of cholesterol in the blood. Rich in mineral salts such as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, it regulates mood tone and enhances memory.
It relieves coughing and improves respiratory function thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

His stigmas contain more than 150 aromatic substances. It is one of the foods richest in carotenoids, in addition to vitamins A, B1, B2, C and has sedative and antispasmodic functions. Saffron is a strong antioxidant and counteracts free radicals responsible for cellular aging, promotes digestive functions by stimulating the digestive system.

From harvest to drying, it takes much more than one thousand working hours all carried out rigorously with manual procedures: to obtain a kg of dried spice more than 150,000 flowers are used at the origin, picked strictly in the early hours of the morning, processed during the day and dried as quickly as possible.
Its particular workmanship justifies the high cost of the spice.

We propose it to you as nature offers it to us: strictly in stigmas (red filaments) as a total guarantee of genuine and complete integrity, in the respect of the traditions, preserving it from adulterations and sophistications more and more often present in commerce.

This spice gives rise to dishes with a unique and incomparable flavor, such as the renowned “milanese style risotto”, which comes from the perfect combination of rice and Saffron. For the preparation of this dish we recommend these doses of Saffron:
-8/9 stigmas for a portion;
-0.30 grams per 1 kg of rice;
-1 gram for more than 3kg.

Pure Saffron in Stigmas 0,30 gr
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