Use points

The points collection was born from the desire to let each of our customers know that he is special to us.

This collection consists in allowing you to accumulate loyalty points that can be used to lower the cost of your next cart.

Each of our products is assigned a value in points which is shown in the product sheet. When you purchase one or more of these, you will accumulate the corresponding loyalty points that can be combined with those of your next purchases, giving you the opportunity to use them as you want, but above all when you want.
Once the order is complete, you will find in a specific area of your account how many points you have accumulated.

These points denote your constancy and loyalty as a customer, allowing you, in your next order, to purchase other products at a reduced price.

How to use them? It's that simple.
Log in to your account, fill the cart and, before completing the order, enter the number of points you want to use in the space provided on the "cart" page: you will see that the cost of your cart will be reduced by the amount you want .

The more you buy, the less you pay!